5 thoughts on “One other App I have almost ready to go

  1. hi Andy! i was thinking of getting involved in developing games and stuff, and was just wondering if you you knew if there is a sdk for windows? the only one i could find was .dmg. and great work with cuberunner! its great fun!

  2. hi!

    I got my iphone last month and have started
    Downloading stuff.
    I really liked the cube game and cant wait
    For the picross!!!
    Cn u plizzzz hrry p wht it (lol), I CANT WAIT!!!!!(lol again)

    (Ps: im norwegian and have actually written this
    By the iphone!!! (got 6/6 in english!!!)

  3. I read your Cube Runner interview online, and I thought you might be interested in developing an iPhone app with us. What we have in mind is a 3rd person casual game / diversion that uses the phone’s accelerometer for input. I cannot find contact info for you anywhere, so this is attempt #1 to reach you. =)

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