Cube Runner II Released

Well, a lack of updates for a little bit – been terribly busy.

However, Apple approved Cube Runner II this morning and its now available in the App Store.


2 thoughts on “Cube Runner II Released

  1. If you enjoyed the first Cube Runner, I really don’t see why paying $3 is a big deal. Think of it as a payment for the first Cube Runner.

    Ignore the bad comments on the application Andy. People are just upset about the price, which is bs. You worked hard and deserve a payment.

  2. Okay, this game is great, and the price is perfect for this. However, the level editor is very glitchy. First: it will sometimes begin to crash whenever you try to edit an object (which is my favorite feature). Once this begins, it doesn’t stop until you reinstall the app. Second: there have been a couple of times where I’ve edited a ship and it will only look like it was supposed to when daylight is on. When daylight is off, it will look like the original ship. Third: I have created layouts where it will add a random level that I know nothing about titled “25,”, and when I try to play the layout, it will get to the level and crash. Please update your game, because I want to be able to play a less glitchy version!!! Please, the level editor is the best part of this, and it would give the game unlimited re-playability if it was glitch-free!!!

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