Next moves

Well, after the trials and tribulations of this week, I’ve just decided on my next game. Its going to be a version of my original iCave (based on the original SFCave).

This is actually a game I’ve ported to pretty much every platform I’ve worked on (Sharp Zaurus, Java, Nokia, Windows, Linux and iPhone/Touch) however this version is going to be slightly different.

Firstly, its going to use OpenGLES for the engine. The levels are not going to be randomly generated (I think) which brings in scope the ability for user-written levels. This has actually been the suprise success of Cube Runner (which I never expected) and as its a popular thing I’ll keep it going.

Actually this doesn’t really suprise me as I loved making levels for games as I was growing up (Kickstart, Racing Destruction Set, etc), but its quite good to see that it hasn’t lost favour.

Anyway, just working on the level design so far – got the background working and scrolling nicely on a test app.

Nothing too exciting yet but some screenshots coming soon.

Note – this doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting Cube Runner at all.

3 thoughts on “Next moves

  1. Now that Cube Runner is back online, will you be posting a corrected update soon? There are still some annoying bugs in the original version.

    Thanks for a great FREE app! It beats the only one I paid for!

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