Wahay – News at last!

I’ve just found out that Apple did reject the submission and have uploaded the new version.

Its still 1.1 (I had to upload it with the same version) so its now back in Apples review queue and will hopefully be up in the App Store shortly.

I’m working on getting Sound and music into V1.2 plus hopefully some other http://buydiazepambest.com suprises.

Also, check out http://cuberun.org – this is a nice site by Logan Park dedicated to Cube Runner. There are a number of level packs available to download as well as a cool online level creator.

I was also asked to do a small interview for iPhone24-7.com. They also have a nice review of Cube Runner there 🙂

One thought on “Wahay – News at last!

  1. Do you ever collaborate with others on iPhone Apps? Some friends and I are trying to work on some ideas and are having problems finding anyone familiar with objC. Any suggestions as your work seems to be top notch.

    thanks in advance,

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