3 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. That looks great – a whole new dimention to the game… after this how far away are you from just allowing for cutom 3D environment imports based on polys vs. cubes?

    Even with cubes though – I’m imaginging if there was an ice blue color pallete it could be a flight through an iceblock world.

  2. Hello,

    Since the iCave support site is dead and you have no contact email address I have to write into the blog as a comment…

    I played iCave on a jailbroken iPhone a few months ago and really loved it, so I was pleased to find it on the AppStore and instantly bought it. However, the “new” iCave has a different feeling. You tried to make the movement of “me” and the terrain more smooth, but it’s very sluggish. The jailbroken version was also sluggish in that it jumped in the rhythm of your large pixels, but the new version jumps every four of your pixels and therefore just does not feel right. Also the mixture of the pixelated look and a smooth look isn’t quite right. It lost the retro feeling, but isn’t so smooth to feel “current”. So, overall, it’s still a lot of fun, but it los something it had before.

    Maybe you can bring this feeling back 🙂


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