Another update

Well, the time is about right to announce some details on Cube Runner II and what you can expect to see.
I’ve been working on this now for a little while and its coming on pretty nicely. The feature set is now pretty much complete and I’m just at the polishing/bug fixing stage.

There is no estimated release date for this yet.

Includes the current Cube Runner game – (levels created for standard Cube Runner levels are compatible with both versions).
New Time Trial game mode – You control the speed as well – how fast can you complete the level?
Internal level editor – Customise your levels from within the game. Includes the ability to email yourself the levels for sharing with friends. (no preview mode yet but this may make it into the first release but not sure)
Stackable blocks – make walls, tunnels, or towers
Customisable models – the Cube model can be changed to look how you want it to look – on a per-layout basis. Create your own themed layouts. Plus each layout can have up to 26 different replacement cube models. (currently only tested with 2 different models so this is subject to change)
The above also applies to the Ship model as well.

So how does the above sound? Any comments or suggestions ?

Here is a sample of a level with multiple models.
Multiple Models

Cube Runner News

Well, Cube Runner 1.1 made it into the App Store this week.

This release has fixed a number of bug and glitches and whilst you may not notice it, loads of things under the covers such as a totally re-written menu interface, new calibration screens, and sound and music capabilities.

Sound & Music I hear you cry – where? Well, the sounds and music aren’t actually in 1.1 however, a couple of extremely nice gents (Nick Burstein and Nate Belasco of Fancy Hat Productions) volunteered to write the music. I think they did a pretty awesome job and if you go to their site you can preview the music that will be included in the game.

So, V1.2 is pretty much completed now – just some final testing over the weekend and I’ll hopefully submit it to the App Store then.