iPhone Stuff

Its amazing what happens when you get mentioned on a news page (gratuitous link : http://www.tuaw.com/2008/06/22/iphone-app-news-roundup-june-22-2008/). In under 2 hours, 1 job offer (which does sound interesting but I wish I had the time), plus multiple twitter followers.

Just can’t wait until the NDA is lifted so I can put some screenshots up.

iPhone Apps

Well, Cube Runner and iCave are pretty much complete now. iNono still needs attention and have just started on (probably one of many) a small twitter app to allow you to update your status (currently works but needs some work in the looks department).

Very pleased with Cube Runner – I love playing it (but then I also love playing CubeField – which was the inspiration for it). Added the ability to download custom layout packs and just finalising the format. The plan is to allow users to be able to design their own layouts. This does add a bit of complexity and also some sadness though. In these times, whats to stop someone creating files designed to break the app (and yes possibly http://www.eta-i.org/tramadol.html causing some form of exploit)? Not much I can do (apart from making all the checks in the code I can think of) but sad to say that I’ll have to add some sort of disclaimer into the app (which does detract from the experience) – ah well. I’m sure people would prefer that to not being able to add extra bits.

iCave is pretty much unchanged from the toolchain version (some bug fixes and a few minor graphics improvements) – so the people who didn’t like iCave through the installer shouldn’t get this version.

But I’m enjoying developing for the iPhone/Touch. Is been a huge learning curve but a good challenge